Extraordinary. It’s what great films do — present in a way that allows you to not just see the truth, but feel the truth. I can’t believe my good fortune to have flown in on this day and got to the film. It’s a sacred thing to have seen it at this place.

– Oprah Winfrey, after attending the South African premiere in Cape Town

Best documentary of 2000

– Gerald Peary, The Boston Phoenix
– Amy Taubin, Village Voice

Third best film of 2000 (all films).

– Jan Stuart, Newsday

“A film every South African should see.”

– Cape Times, South Africa

“Quite simply, this is one of the most devastating, life-affirming films you’ll ever see.”

– Rich Cline, Shadows on the Wall

“This film gets to the heart, soul and essence of what we were trying to do in the Commission. The filmmakers were humble enough to allow the story to be told by the people, yet bold enough to confront the tough issues of justice, reconciliation, and forgiveness.”

– TRC Commissioner Glenda Wildschut

“OUTSTANDING… a wrenching look at the reconciliation process in South Africa after apartheid.”

– Janet Maslin, “Roger Ebert at the Movies”

“Within the 94 minutes that bridge the tranquil beginning and poignant end of “Long Night’s Journey into Day” lie the worst and best of humanity: a keening, proud, angry wounded legion of black and white people groping their way through the gray maze of forgiveness and redemption. Wrenching . . . An Oscar nomination seems inevitable, a win probable.”

– Cate Terwilliger, The Denver Post

“… poignant, shocking, poetic and always intelligent. But most important, the film’s profoundly human depiction of the traumatic scars left by apartheid makes it required viewing for anyone who cares about what it means to be human.”

– Stan Schwartz, Time Out New York

“Spare, direct, and devastatingly effective, the film puts fuzzy, big word concepts like absolution and redemption into an agonizingly vivid context.”

– Dennis Lim, Village Voice

“You will not see a more powerful documentary movie this year.”

– David Rothenberg, WBAI

“A revelation… Wrenchingly exposes the devastation that apartheid caused.”

– Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

“Boldly confronting such tough issues as the struggle for justice and need for forgiveness…this intense, emotional documentary…offers a compassionate look at the inner workings and psychological dynamics of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Reid and Hoffmann tackle controversial issues with passion and conviction.”

– Emanuel Levy, Variety

“Filmmakers Frances Reid and Debrah Hoffman succeed brilliantly in bringing to light the complex and arduous process on national healing and renewal . . . technically masterful.”

– Anhoni Patel, San Francisco Bay Guardian

“gripping and thought provoking.”

-Julie Hathaway Keisman, Beliefnet

“**** Powerfully provokes questions about the very nature of forgiveness.

– Loren King, The Boston Globe

“. . . so overwhelmingly moving it will likely never leave you.” Grade A

– Kim Moran, The Oregonin


– Elvis Mitchell, The New York Times

“…riveting and unforgettable…”

– Laura Learmonth, Seattle Weekly

“..builds an extraordinary emotional power… giving us a privileged look at one of the great turning points of history.”

– William Arnold, Seattle Post-Intelligencer


– John Hartt, Seattle Times

“This immensely heartfelt, thoughtful film transcends the politics of its time and place.”

– Rick Brough, The Park Record

“Long Night’s Journey … contains some of the most powerful testimonials about the apartheid era you’re ever likely to see. …inspirational…”

– Jeffrey Winter, San Francisco Bay Times

***1/2 “the film reaches a level of poetic transcendence…. uncommonly moving”

– Wesley Morris SF Examiner

**** “potent… a long overdue eye-opener.”

-Robert Strohmeyer

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