Talking About Race: Discussion Guide

Synopsis and Key Points

One of the most important conversations that can take place on a college campus today is an open, honest discussion about race and racism. This discussion is also one of the most difficult. Talking about Race is designed to open up discussion by showing us real students talking about real issues. The opinions expressed by these students are shared by many of their peers across the nation.

In Talking About Race, Module 1, students from the University of California, Texas A&M University and The University of Massachusetts, candidly share their views on the following issues:

  • Their expectations about going to college;
  • Self-separation of racial groups;
  • The campus climate toward talking about race;
  • Forms of discrimination;
  • Affirmative action policies, and;
  • Individual responsibility for change.

 In Talking about Race Module 2, twenty-three students from six American universities come together for three days to support and challenge one another through open, honest conversation. The film opens with a candid, large-group discussion about the concept of individuality. We also hear the White students express their feelings about the confusing nature of being White in America today. Next, the Asian American students tell us what they want their allies to know and to do. The module concludes with a lively discussion about taking steps to dismantle racism.

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